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Brass Earthing Accessories

  Rod to Lug Clamps

DC Tape Clips  DC Tape Clips
Rod to Lug Clamps

Special Features :

Copper Clamps Brass Clamps Earth Rod to Lug Clamps Copper Brass Clamps for Copper bonded rods are tapped to fit on threaded portion of rod. they connect rod with cable lug.

Material :

Brass or Gunmetal
BS 2874 - CZ 121 Pb3 CZ 122 UNS C36000 CDA 360 DZR
Brass BS 2874 - CZ 131 CW 614 N EN 12164 BS 2874 - CZ 114 BS 2874 - CZ 115

  Brass Couplers   DC Tape Clips
  Oblong Test Clamps   Rod to Lug Clamps
  Earthing Clamps   Tee Clamps
  Square Tape Clamps     Rod to Tape Coupling
   Rod to Cable Clamps   Copper Ground Clamps

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