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Brass & Copper Electrical Accessories

  Brass Electronic Connectors

Brass Electronic Connectors Brass Electronic Connectors
Brass Connectors Electronic Connectors
Brass Pin Electricals :
Cable Jointers Sockets, Three way F connectors
Four way F connectors F7 twist on plugs F7 plug crime type
F plug - F plug adaptors F plug - RF plug adaptors N Sockets, N plugs
RF sockets, RF plugs, RF box plugs F5 plugs, F3 plugs
F plugs screw type Brass electronic connectors Co-ax plugs,
Material :

Any other type of Brass electronic connectors as per customer requirements.
BS 2874 - CZ 121 Pb3 CZ 122 UNS C36000 CDA 360 DZR
Brass BS 2874 - CZ 131 CW 614 N EN 12164 BS 2874 - CZ 114 BS 2874 - CZ 115

Finish :
Nickel Plated
  Copper Bronze Bolted Lugs   Pre-Insulated Copper Terminal
  Brass Electronic Connector   Brass Pin Electrical Plugs
  Galvanized Conduit Fittings    

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